Last updated : 03 Aug 2023    

1. What is a Voluntary Contribution payment through the member i-Akaun mobile application?

Allow members to make Voluntary Contribution payments exclusively via the i-Akaun mobile application.


2. How do I make Voluntary Contribution via i-Akaun app?

Here is how you can make your voluntary contribution via i-Akaun app:



3. What is the amount limit for Voluntary Contribution payment via i-Akaun mobile app?

The maximum limit of accumulated Voluntary Contributions (Self Contribution, i-Saraan Contribution, Account 1 Top-up Savings Contribution) is RM100,000 per year.


4. What is meant by the statement ‘you have RM XXXX.XX remaining contribution limit for this year.’

This statement refers to members' remaining contribution limit for the year.

The calculation formula is as follows:


Maximum annual amount of Voluntary Contribution DEDUCT total Voluntary Contribution from all payment channels that have been credited to the member's EPF account = balance of this year annual contribution limit.



RM100,000 – RM312 = RM99,688.


Important reminder: Contributions made on the same day but using different channels, have not yet been taken into account as the contribution limit for the year.


5. What is the list of banks supported for FPX internet banking?

• Maybank
• Public Bank
• CIMB Bank
• RHB Bank
• Affin Bank
• Alliance Bank Malaysia
• AmBank
• Bank Islam Malaysia
• Bank Muamalat
• Bank Rakyat
• Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)
• Bank of China (M) Berhad
• Citibank
• Deutsche Bank
• Hong Leong Bank
• Kuwait Finance House
• Standard Chartered Bank


6. When will the Voluntary Contribution payment via i-Akaun mobile application be credited to the member's EPF account?

The Voluntary Contribution payment will be credited to member’s EPF account at least in three working days after the bank transferred the payment to the EPF.


7. Can I request a refund of my Voluntary Contribution?

You can't do that at all. Each and every amount of Voluntary Contribution paid into EPF is valid and final. As a result, members are obligated to check that the payment details are accurate before completing the transaction.


8. Is it allowed for me to contribute more than the maximum amount?

No, you can't do it. Voluntary Contributions in excess of the maximum amount will be refunded to the member.


9. What happens if I make a Voluntary Contribution payment after the age of 55?

All contributions received after the member reaches the age of 55 are deposited into Akaun Emas and can only be withdrawn after the member reaches the age of 60.