The Impact of Education on Career Advancement

The Impact of Education on Career Advancement
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“Knowledge is a valuable personal investment that others can’t take away from us.” - Billionaire, Warren Buffett.  

From our earliest days, we've been reminded of the importance of education. It's a lifelong journey, a continuous lesson that accompanies us throughout life. Just as we never truly stop learning, education remains an ongoing pursuit, a constant reminder that there's always new knowledge to discover and understand.

Think of education as the fuel for your ambition. It doesn’t just shape our personalities and make us well-rounded individuals; it empowers us to navigate the rapidly changing world we live in and equips us with the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in our personal growth.

On top of that, education also serves as the bedrock for excelling in your chosen career path and ultimately achieving career success. 

How does education relate to career advancement?

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Even after we’ve successfully landed a position within a company, the desire to progress and embrace fresh challenges is a natural part of our career journey – this drive to grow and reach for greater heights.

But what steps can you take to improve and grow in your career?

Through the pursuit of higher education, you not only gain valuable skills and knowledge but also open doors to a world of possibilities in your career.

But that's not all – higher education is also your compass in the ever-changing landscape of your profession. By keeping you up to date with the latest industry trends, your competitive edge is sharpened, and you become the go-to expert in your field, making waves and forging your own path toward success.

5 reasons how education can provide opportunities for career growth

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Now, let's delve into 5 reasons why pursuing education can propel your career forward at any level: 


1. Enhances your soft skills 

Soft skills are personal attributes and interpersonal abilities that empower you to excel in team environments, communicate effectively, and navigate diverse professional and social situations.

Continuing education and active involvement in association activities serve as avenues for nurturing and sharpening a diverse set of skills, including communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and many more. As you cultivate these essential soft skills, you transform into a well-rounded and highly capable professional, making yourself invaluable to your organisation. 


2. Allows you to expand your knowledge

Pursuing education expands your knowledge and equips you with practical skills that can push you to the next level in your career and result in promotions.

Acquiring new skills not only unlocks new opportunities but also equips you with out-of-the-box approaches to tackle challenges. It enhances your adaptability and responsiveness to new situations by blending logical and creative problem-solving. By building upon your existing knowledge, you broaden your horizons and reshape the way you approach your daily tasks. 


3. Professional development for better job opportunities

Degreed professionals are not a rare thing in the world today. When you apply for a job, you’re competing with numerous other people with the same qualifications. Thus, investing time and effort in continuing education is a great way to stand out from the crowd!

It demonstrates your commitment to personal and professional growth and your determination to excel in your field. In a competitive job market, these qualities can make all the difference. You become the individual they see as having the potential to bring fresh insights, innovative solutions and a thirst for knowledge to their organisation.

This can make all the difference in helping you land new job opportunities. 


4. Develops new professional interests   

Society often makes people think they need to choose a single career “path” to succeed in life and influences everyone to invest heavily in a narrowly focused education, rarely broadening their horizons to other interesting subjects. But if you give yourself the opportunity to learn about topics outside your chosen field, you may stumble upon subjects that ignite your curiosity and enthusiasm, sparking a passion you never knew existed.

When you take the time to explore different fields and get a holistic education, you empower yourself to chart a more versatile and fulfilling path. You might be able to incorporate these new skills into your current job, enhance your current career, or embark on exciting new endeavours. 


5.  Grows your professional network 

In the classroom, you’ll be surrounded by a diverse group of fellow students hailing from various backgrounds. It gives you the opportunity to forge connections with individuals who share similar levels of knowledge and experiences, some of whom have steadily advanced their careers, while others may find themselves in situations similar to your own.

In the modern world of careers and business, the act of nurturing and sustaining these connections is not only essential but also strategically imperative. The network you create during your educational journey becomes a valuable source of information and plays a pivotal role in your career growth.

Funding your education loan with EPF

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There’s no doubt that education can be an expensive necessity.

The cost of tertiary education and even professional certificate courses such as ACCA and CIMA have been on the rise, and repaying your study loan, especially in the early years of your career, can be challenging.

In light of this, you can withdraw a portion of your EPF savings to cover your education expenses, including loans and fees, regardless of whether you completed your studies. This withdrawal also extends to your children, spouses and parents. However, it's important to note that the education withdrawal is subject to approved educational institutions within and outside the country.

You can withdraw the maximum amount of the total fees or outstanding education loan, or your entire savings in Akaun Sejahtera, whichever is lower to cover costs such as: 

Am I Eligible to Withdraw?

Advance your career through education 

Higher education serves as a valuable tool for upgrading and refreshing our existing knowledge base and core competencies. It enhances both our soft and hard skills. So, there’s no reason you should stop learning at any stage of your life.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to take your professional career to the next level, investing in your education is a crucial first step. So, if you’re ready to start taking advantage of all that education has to offer, then go for it – and good luck on your journey!