EPF savings offer a structured approach to securing your financial future by providing retirement funds after your working years. Therefore, the EPF Act 1991 mandates employees to register as a member and contribute to their own savings.​​

Become A Member

There are various ways to register and become an EPF member

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Choose Your Savings

You May Choose To:

  • Maintain your account under Simpanan Konvensional where your savings will be managed and invested conventionally; or
  • Switch your account to Simpanan Shariah where your savings will be managed and invested according to Shariah principles

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Register & Activate i-Akaun (Member)

KWSP i-Akaun app offers a range of user-friendly facilities that enable members to conveniently manage their EPF accounts with ease and efficiency.

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Who Can Contribute
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Annual Dividend
Enjoy annual dividends on top of your retirement savings.
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Special Incentive
Up to 15% of total contribution or max RM300 this year.
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Tax Exemption
Subject to IRB terms and conditions.
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Death Benefit
Subject to EPF terms and conditions.