Being Healthy: What It Means To You

Being Healthy: What It Means To You
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We all desire to live a healthy and fulfilling life, where illness has no place. But what exactly does it mean to be healthy?

Being healthy goes beyond just not being sick. It means taking a holistic approach to your well-being, considering your physical, mental, and emotional health. Having a healthy lifestyle is all about making the right choices for your health such as healthy eating and being physically active. It's about finding a balance that promotes overall wellness and supports a happy and satisfying life.You don’t have to make sweeping changes to these parts of your lifestyle all at once. In fact, studies show that making small adjustments, bit by bit, sets you up for more sustainable long-term habits.

A report by National Health Malaysia Survey 2019 (NHMS, 2019) stated that:

  1. 1.7 million individuals in Malaysia currently live with all three major risk factors, which are diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.
  2. One of the leading causes of death in Malaysia is cardiovascular disease.
  3. In Malaysia, 1 in 5 adults, or 3.9 million people over the age of 18, have diabetes.

Statistic of Malaysians with Major Risk Factors for Diabetes, Hypertension & High Cholesterol.


Statistic of Malaysians with Major Risk Factors for Diabetes, Hypertension & High Cholesterol.
(Source: NHMS, 2019)

Statistic of Malaysian with Diabetes

Statistic of Malaysian with Diabetes.
NHMS, 2019)

Imagine a situation where you have made all the necessary preparations for your future, only to have your enjoyment and well-being compromised by unexpected health concerns. You wouldn’t want that, right? 

So, start taking care of your health from an early stage to fully embrace and enjoy every moment of your life.

Get off to a great start on your journey to a healthy lifestyle with the 5 ‘S’ Tips below: 

5 tips for a healthy lifestyle in Malaysia

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1. Stop smoking if you're a smoker

According to the research published in the Tobacco Induced Diseases Journal (2022), the risk of death increases with daily smoking. In 2015, the World Health Organization declared that smoking was responsible for 6.4 million (11.5%) deaths worldwide among all fatalities.

Passive smokers (a.k.a. second-hand smokers) are exposed to similar risks as active smokers. Frequent exposure to second-hand smoke can cause lung cancer, heart disease and stroke (Cancer Research UK Organization, 2021). Hence, avoid any cigarette smoke around you if you don’t smoke.


2. Start exercising regularly

The Health Ministry (KKM) suggest that we need at least 150 mins of moderate physical exercise each week. Fortunately, the world of fitness has evolved, offering various options to cater to different preference. Whether it’s cardio, weight training, or interval training, there are plenty of exercise choices available. The key is to find exercises that suit your lifestyle and make it easier to incorporate physical activity into your routine.


3. Set up healthy eating habits

While we live in a food haven, it doesn’t mean we should always indulge in rich and hearty foods. Self-control is very crucial. To do so, you can follow these tips below:

1) Increase your daily intake of fruits, vegetables, and plain water 
2) Reduce the consumption of fast food
3) Reduce alcohol consumption or avoid it completely 
4) Limit your daily intake of sugary meals and beverages


4. Show up for medical checkups annually

It’s important to prioritise regular medical checkups as it can detect potential health issues, including silent killers like cancer, and ensure that your overall health is at an optimal level. Allocate at least one day each year to make time for your medical checkups so that you can keep track of any possible symptoms.


5. Set up your sleeping schedule and habit

Based on a report from the World Sleep Association (WSA), individuals with sleep disorders are on the rise. It is found that 35% of Malaysians suffer from sleeping disorders, and only about 53% of Malaysia's workforce manages to get the necessary seven (7) hours of sleep each night.

Sleep deprivation can have significant impacts on both physical and mental health, including conditions such as insomnia and depression. Therefore, consider trying the practice of organising your thoughts before bed. By writing them down in a notebook or creating a to-do list, you can externalise your worries and clear your mind before sleep.

What if things don’t go our way?

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The future is uncertain - no one knows what will happen tomorrow or in the coming year. While we all hope that we’d be fortunate enough to live happy, wonderful lives, challenges are inevitable.

Hence, to safeguard yourself and your family from potential financial burdens, it’s vital to have a plan in place for emergencies or unfortunate circumstances.

If you haven’t heard, you may utilise your Akaun Sejahtera savings for Health Withdrawal which will cover a range of critical illness treatment or to purchase healthcare equipment. It is to extend a helping hand to you, your spouse, and your children during challenging medical situations, offering much-needed financial support and alleviating the burdens that medical expenses can bring.

That’s not all! EPF also offers Member Protection Plan, through the i-Lindung platform designed to offer financial security and peace of mind for your medical needs to all our members. i-Lindung gives you options to choose life or/ and critical illness insurance coverage at an affordable price and uses your Akaun Sejahtera to pay yearly. You may choose from a wide range of insurance providors to suit your medical needs.

Know more about our Health Withdrawal and Member Protection Plan here: 

Health Withdrawal

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And if you have any further question, you may ask ELYA. Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to embrace a healthy lifestyle and prioritize your well-being. Remember, taking proactive steps towards a healthy lifestyle and being financially prepared will contribute to a better quality of life and a worry-free future!