Last updated : 03 Sep 2023    


The EPF introduced the voluntary contribution initiative called i-Saraan. It offers an opportunity for self-employed Members without fixed incomes and employees of the gig economy to obtain exclusive government incentives for retirement purposes, subject to the established requirements.


  • Annual Dividend
    Enjoy annual dividends on top of your retirement savings.
  • Special Incentive
    By 15% of the total contribution up to a maximum of RM300 in the current year following government terms and conditions.
  • Tax Exemption
    Subject to IRB terms and conditions.
  • Death Benefit
    Subject to EPF terms and conditions.


Who Can Apply


Malaysian Citizen

Malaysian Citizen

Self-employed individuals

Self-employed individuals

Who derive income from own work and are not an employee

EPF Member

Registered EPF Member


Below 60 years of age


Opted to contribute under i-Saraan

Submitted Form KWSP 16G (M)

Important Reminder: Registered members of Kasih Suri Keluarga Malaysia KWSP (i-Suri) are required to register for i-Saraan to qualify members to receive the special i-Saraan incentive subject to the terms and conditions set.

Payment Methods and Channels

  • Mobile App
    • Electronic payment via i-Akaun (Member) application. Click here for more info.

  • Internet Banking

    Electronic payment via:

    1. Alliance Bank
    2. Bank Islam
    3. Bank Muamalat
    4. BSN
    5. CIMB Bank
    6. Hong Leong Bank
    1. Kuwait Finance House
    2. Maybank
    3. MBSB
    4. Public Bank
    5. RHB Bank
  • Registered Bank Agent
  • Bank Agent Counters

    Electronic/cash payment via bank agent counters:

    • BSN

    • Maybank

    • Public Bank

    • RHB Bank - Only payment via debit card and debit transfers are accepted.

    Note: Please attach Self-Contribution Payment Form - KWSP 6A (2)

  • EPF Counters
    • Electronic/cash payment at EPF counters. Cash (RM500 maximum)/cheque at all EPF counters in state capital including KWSP Muar.

    Note: Please attach Self-Contribution Payment Form - KWSP 6A (2)

  • Mobile Team (MT)/ Mini Outreach Team (MoT)

    Debit card

    • The amount limit is subject to the transaction limit of the payer’s debit card.

    • The maximum limit for voluntary contribution is RM100,000 per year.

    Note: Please complete KWSP 6A (DC) Form for payment via debit card.

    Click here for more info.

*Contribution payment amount will be credited into EPF member's account within 3 working days for electronic payment and 7 working days for non-electronic payment.
**We do not encourage members to make cash payment at the EPF counter especially for large amounts.
***Payment using a debit card through the MT / MOT channel is subject to the visit Schedule.

Payment Limit

Minimum (RM only)

No limit
*Subject to payment channel

Maximum (RM only)

The maximum limit of accumulate Voluntary Contributions (Self Contribution, i-Saraan Contribution and Account 1 Top-up Savings Contribution) is RM100,000 per year.

What You Need For i-Saraan Registration

EPF Website EPF Counter Self Service Terminal (SST)
  • Borang Permohonan Caruman Sukarela  i-Saraan
    - KWSP 16G (M)

  • MyKad

  • Registration of i-Saraan at SST.
    - Refer to SST location 

  • MyKad